Parallels between job search and finding love

Ah, Valentine’s Day – a day when we celebrate love, romance, and relationships. But what if you’re one of the millions currently searching for a job? How can you incorporate the spirit of Valentine’s Day into your job search? Here are some parallels between job searching and finding love: 1. Know what you’re looking for: When searching for love, you likely have an idea of what you’re looking for in a partner. Maybe you’re attracted to people who are kind, funny, and adventurous. Or perhaps you’re drawn to those who share your values and interests. The same is true when […]

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Job search is marketing

I noticed that many job seekers don’t recognize that their job search is actually a marketing effort. Similar to a business, job seekers must market themselves to prospective employers in order to find employment. Planning, strategy, and execution are essential for job search, just like they are for any effective marketing campaign. These strategies are key to differentiating yourself from the competition and highlighting your unique value proposition. Here are a few: 1. Know Your Target Market: The first step in your job search, just like any marketing campaign, is to determine your target market. This entails knowing the kinds […]

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How does fear express itself for a manager and what can be done about it?

Fear is a powerful emotion that can have a profound impact on a person’s behaviour, thoughts, and actions. For those in managerial positions, fear can be especially pronounced and can manifest in a variety of ways. Here are a few: Impostor Syndrome: This is one of the most common and it refers to the feeling of self-doubt and insecurity that one is not qualified for their job, despite evidence to the contrary. This can be particularly pronounced for managers who may feel as though they are constantly under scrutiny and that any mistakes or missteps will be immediately noticed.This is […]

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12 things that can help ensure a smooth relocation

Relocating for a new job or career opportunity can be an exciting and fulfilling experience, but it can also be stressful and overwhelming if you’re not properly prepared. Here are some tips to help you ensure a smooth and successful professional relocation: 1. Start early: Begin planning your move as soon as you know you’ll be relocating. This will give you plenty of time to take care of all the details and make any necessary arrangements. 2. Create a budget: Determine the costs associated with your move, including travel expenses, temporary housing, and any moving and storage fees. This will […]

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Crochet and job search

Crochet is a hobby that I have been passionate about for many years. It’s a way for me to relax and unwind, create something beautiful, and use my hands in a creative way. Recently, I started a new crochet project that I was particularly excited about. The base of this project was not made of PU leather, but was fully crocheted, which was a new challenge for me. As I worked on my project, I was so focused and absorbed in it that I felt as if my life depended on it. I was determined to create something beautiful and […]

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Look How Far You’ve Come!

Look How Far You’ve Come! What my résumé doesn’t say: – I started a blog a few days after the war started in 2006. I used to write a lot out of anger and the need to express myself. A post reached 50,000 views on a dark day in 2013 when a politician’s car was bombed but a teenager who was there at the wrong place at the wrong time passed away. (This misery happened many times before and many times later). I received threats from people who wanted to silence me. I got tired and stopped 10 years later. […]

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15+ factors affect the price of a professionally developed résumé / CV. What are they?

Some clients argue that prices are expensive. Others argue that prices are cheap! But what are factors to consider when it comes to developing a professional résumé / CV? Let’s go through a few: Years of experience in résumé / CV writing and working with certain types of clients that pose specific types of challenges (local, international, fresh grads, experienced, executives, career changers, entry after long period of unemployment, etc.) Years of experience in an industry that brings perspective and better understanding of expectations (ex: HR/Recruitment/Counselling etc.) Professionals come from different backgrounds. Can someone without recruitment experience who never used the […]

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DossierPro 2021 Statistics

DossierPro’s clients Source: – Referrals: 61.9% – Social Media: 38.1% (Mostly Twitter!) Education: – Master’s degree or a PhD: 55% – Bachelor’s degree: 40% – Vocational degree: 5% Experience: – More than 20 years of experience: 24.5% – Between 10 and 20 years of experience: 56% – Less than 10 years of experience: 19.5% Countries clients come from: – Based in Lebanon: 60% – Based outside Lebanon: 40% Countries clients want to relocate to: – Canada: 27% – France: 21.6% – UAE: 16.2% – Others: 35.2% Popular DossierPro program(s): – Dossier ProFILE (Résumé + Cover Letter + LinkedIn): 60.9% – […]

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K. M. - Canada

COO / General Manager
Rita, thank you so much for your help, guidance, enthusiasm, fabulous knowledge and overall positive and energetic attitude. I know that I made the right decision to use you for my resume. I cannot speak highly enough of the assessments that you provide, the knowledge, and helpful and patient guidance. Your professional experience and qualifications made a big difference in my resume.

M. A. - Lebanon

Ethics & Assurance Coordinator
Rita managed to teach me a lifelong skill about how to interview and level up when it comes to my career aspirations. Especially in how to answer the most common yet stress inducing question "Tell me about yourself?". She guided me throughout the process from interview to post interview to check on how I performed and how I felt after the interview. What's special is I felt I am talking to someone who really wants me to succeed!

J.W. - Qatar

Account Manager
I approached Rita during an interview process at one of the tier 1 global technology vendors. Based on her extensive experience in HR, Rita unveiled to me the tricks and methods I should adopt to stand out among hundreds of other applicants.

She guided me through a set of actions in a very scientific manner, fine-tuned my strategies and not only made them unique, but uniquely relevant. Not to mention the grade of encouragement she had conveyed to deliver my presentation and get selected for the role.

I would highly recommend Rita for any type of guidance, consultation and career advice.

F.T. - Lebanon

NGO Project Coordinator
Rita opened my eyes to what I was doing wrong in my pursuit to find a new job. She showed me in a short time and efficient way how to make my experience more appealing to recruiters. She showed me another perspective to finding a job and made me realize why I didn't stay for a long time with previous organizations I worked for. Rita helped me put things into perspective and taught me that I should appreciate my achievements and champion them in order to land the right job for me while having what I want for a job as a priority.

M.R. - Cyprus

Senior Project Manager
Choosing to work with Rita was a great decision. As someone looking to change careers, she helped me put on paper how my experience and skills are relevant to my target industry. Rita's methodological approach also allowed me to take an outside look at my career so far in a new light and reminded me of achievements I have forgotten about. Throughout the process, Rita was always responsive, attentive, and always had useful advice and feedback.

A.F. - Canada

Chief Operating Officer
Your advice helped significantly improve my interview performance and the relevance of my answers. Thank you so much for your help.

R.G. - Lebanon

Marketing Manager
I love how confident I feel after talking to you and how my story about myself gets uplifted as if I'm Chanel or Dior!

R.M. - Lebanon

Thank you Rita so much. I enjoyed our conversation, it made me look at everything in a different perspective. You were able to make me realize how to change my outlook when it comes to jobs. I felt so confused for a while until we spoke, you helped clear the fog. Your guidance was much needed.

A.K. - Lebanon

Sales Manager
Rita has helped me in more ways than one and I found just one session with her very enlightening. She helped me realize many things I was not aware of and gave me several tips on how to tackle and improve the job search. I can only imagine how she can help when given more than one session, kudos to you Rita!

G.J. - Lebanon

Lead Accountant
Thanks to Rita’s feedback, I was able to figure out some important points behind the reasons my LinkedIn profile and CV aren’t getting noticed. Added to that, her words were much needed to reaffirm my confidence and boost my motivation. With her I am sure one will land the desired opportunity.