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Lead your international moves with DossierPro career coaching services

Is it time to find a new job and move into a better position? Is it time to increase your income and improve your quality of life? Is it time to change colleagues, companies or even countries to gain a diversified experience? YES! It’s time!

Whether you are looking for career coaching, resume writing, job search strategy or interview preparation, I’ve got your back. I’m Rita Kamel, founder of DossierPro, a career coaching service. I work with fun, bright, and highly competent professionals who seek the freedom to generate international career opportunities and lead their moves. You may be too busy, don’t know where to start, or do not know how the employment scene has changed, it’s OK.

I am a Career Development Practitioner (CDP), a Master Certified Career & Employment Strategist, an Award-Winning Certified Résumé Strategist & Interview Strategist, and a Certified Work-Life Strategist. I am also a member of Career Professionals of Canada. Check it out!

Career Professional of Canada Professional Member badge

Master Certified Employment Strategist by the Career Professionals of Canada badge Master Certified Career Strategist by the Career Professionals of Canada badge Certified Resume Strategist by the Career Professionals of Canada badge Certified Interview Strategist by the Career Professionals of Canada badge Certified Work-Life Strategist by the Career Professionals of Canada badge

I am also the proud recipient of the Career Professionals of Canada Awards of Excellence! 20222021

What can I do to assist you? I can help you with career clarity, craft a professional dossier, give you all the recent tools that will make your job search faster, and prepare you to ace the interview so you can land the position you want and change your life.

I have been supporting job seekers for more than 15 years after I realized that the information they had access to was seriously outdated. My personalized approach, consideration of your online presence, personal brand, and knowledge of the most modern techniques used in the employment arena will make all the difference.

Are you ready to get started?

Services For Professionals


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Do you feel lost in choices and unsure of the next steps? Do you feel stuck? Have you left the workforce for a couple of years and would like to come back? Are you close to retirement and have mixed feelings? Wondering if entrepreneurship is for you? I’m here to listen and guide you through your transition. My career consulting sessions offer a safe space for coaching, self-exploration, option discovery, decision-making, personal branding, as well as support through future thinking and mental health.

You will learn more about yourself in terms of values, interests, strengths, personality, ambition, and get crystal clear on your project. Together, we will also look into industry trends, occupational research, work environments, and education to craft a strategic plan for your career development needs. I will uncover your potential and prepare you for the future! Select


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Are you an experienced, senior professional or an executive who needs advanced résumé solutions? Are achievements difficult to articulate and need your documents written according to the most recent international standards? No one will be as excited as I am to hear your career story starting from school. I will coach on résumé writing with the supporting documents that best represent you from scratch.

Good résumé writing doesn’t follow a template. It’s unique to you and to your value proposition. It must be adapted to specific country standards and the targeted job. It needs to have the right keywords in addition to a professional layout and design that makes it easy to parse when you apply online through the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). This also includes documents such as a Cover Letter and a LinkedIn profile makeover to make sure you have a complete portfolio. Select


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You decided to look for a new position. Well done! But what’s the most efficient way to start? Today, employers expect all job seekers to express their interest in a personal way since you are competing with thousands of candidates for the same vacancy. Searching for employment and performing social networking are skills you can learn. My structured strategies will allow you to know which paths to engage in.

Job search while being employed or unemployed in the new current economy is not easy and stressful. While there is a lot of information online, it is always better to have a plan that fits your lifestyle and addresses the challenges you might face. My aim is to speed up your search and help you land a job as fast as possible while considering the particularities of the country you are targeting. I will help you focus your efforts efficiently, empower you to make informed decisions, and pinpoint your next move! Select


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The employer invited you to an interview. Great! Now what? Preparing for a job interview and overcoming anxiety can be challenging. There is a big difference between what you think you will say and what you end up saying. I will help you craft a strategic plan to get positive results at every step of the process. As a senior recruiter who screens and invites shortlisted candidates for rounds of interviews, I will reveal to you what to expect and how to express your value.

Learn how to present yourself professionally and discover the best practices before, during, and after the interview. Together, we will unlock an understanding of your value proposition and your target so you can make a positive impact from the first time. We will build the conversational skills necessary to differentiate yourself from other candidates and answer all kinds of questions. I will guide you through the different types of interviews and prepare you to nail them! Select

About Me

My name is Rita Kamel and my mission is to empower professionals to lead their international career moves.

I am a multi-awarded and multi-certified Career Development Practitioner fluent in English, French, and Arabic. I coach established senior professionals and bring extensive recruitment experience from Lebanon, the MENA region, Europe, and Canada since 2006 to help them navigate international job search while overcoming barriers. During my business career, I have seen talent being unrecognized and unappreciated, so I decided no more and therefore founded DossierPro.

My services range from providing a 360° view of the employment space by sharing the ins and outs of the recruitment process, guiding clients to figure out their career, writing targeted documents, to empowering them during job search, and preparing for their interviews. I am passionate about the world of employment, love to ask questions, and enjoy inspiring others to take action.

I will be personally working with you collaboratively to uncover your unique value proposition, put forward your personal branding, and help you remain grounded. I look forward to enabling you to generate career opportunities across the world.  Contact me now and let’s work together!

Why Me

Benefits of working with me: Honestly? You’ll get straights As.
– Accessibility: Open synchronous and asynchronous communication channels.
Accountability: Assignments, follow-ups, and feedback on your project.
Assurance: Safe and confidential space to unload and speak your truth.
Attention: Focus on you and a plan to achieve your goals.

Private 1:1 Programs

Dossier ProJECT
Career Coaching (4 Sessions)
USD 1,177

Recognize Your Vision & Values

Own Your Strengths

Enforce Your Brand

Dossier ProFILE
Résumé Writing
USD 1,397

Résumé Development

Full LinkedIn Profile

90 min Coaching Session

Dossier ProSPER
Job Search Strategy (3 Sessions)
USD 997

Determine Your Ideal

LinkedIn Deep Dive

Professional Networking

Dossier ProMOTE
Interview Preparation (3 Sessions)
USD 997

Before The Interview

Role-Play The Interview

After The Interview

Other Services:
One session of 90 minutes: USD 297
Add Cover Letter: USD 197

This is what you get in the different programs!

Career Coaching: The space to self-reflect on yourself inside out not only from who you are as well as what your values, strengths, and interests are but also how to make sense of findings in the current economy including a plan for a safe transition whether locally or internationally. The program includes a series of exercises that will help you re-think everything you knew about yourself in the workplace, honour your achievements, recognize your leadership style and what makes you unique, to project yourself towards a beautifully created and designed future.

Résumé Writing: The chance to reflect on your career from the day you start working. Uncover the true reasons you are looking for something else, answer various questions to bring forward relevant achievements, develop an industry-appropriate graphic résumé written from scratch, a fully developed LinkedIn profile including a banner and content creation recommendations, a Cover Letter, a reference page, a portfolio assessment where applicable. The program includes a résumé strategy session to learn how to update all your documents after you land a job and re-target your documents for the next opportunity! The process takes around 40 hours to complete.

Job Search Strategy: The opportunity to learn the ins and outs of modern job search. Exactly where to start how to go about online applications, networking both online and offline, informational interviews, a push and pull strategy, how to use LinkedIn to serve your search whether it is confidential or not, understand the “hidden job market”, how to position yourself, and how to remain consistent as well as how to overcome grief. The program includes a number of communication templates and resources.

Interview Preparation: The advantage to discover what Recruiters’ and Hiring Managers’ expectations are, how to prepare before, during, and after the interview, role-play the actual interview to get the most pertinent and relevant stories twice to gain confidence in your performance, how to present yourself with a competitive edge, answer both common and difficult questions as well as what to research to negotiate an offer. The program includes a number of useful communication templates and resources to assess yourself and keep on improving.

It’s all about YOU!

These programs are complete and you will only need to do them once and you will know exactly what you need to do when you want to look for another job. I do not create co-dependency. You will be working directly with me at all times.

I use a modern blended learning style for delivery with live sessions and assignments as well as a coaching-consulting combination to provide ongoing implementation support and follow-up; therefore your commitment is important.

Prices are in line with other professionals around the world who are holding similar credentials, awards, experience, and results. Read more: 15+ factors affect the price of a professionally developed résumé / CV. What are they?

Countries clients are located in: Lebanon, Canada, France, UAE, UK, USA, KSA, Qatar, India, Australia, New Zealand, Congo, Cyprus, Netherlands, Egypt, Turkey, Nigeria, Morocco, Italy.

Countries clients relocated to: Canada, France, Lebanon, UAE, UK, USA, KSA, Qatar, Denmark, China, Turkey, Jordan, Oman.


To ask your questions, please email me at or fill in the form in the Contact section.


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L.A. – Corporate Finance Manager Canada

I can’t thank Rita enough for all her support during my job search process. She has provided essential advice and guidance that will continue to serve me throughout my career. I went on a steep learning curve for upgrading my resume and cover letter, applying for jobs, networking, and communicating with employers. Her practical approach allowed me to apply the steps in a systematic way and facilitated my job search. Rita goes beyond her way and she is always available to answer questions and give tips. Team Rita rocks!

M.A. – Medical Doctor USA

Working with Rita was a smooth and professional experience, since day one she had the patience required to dissect and explain the process of drafting a CV and establishing a timeline for the project. Even though the process was a two parties one, Rita’s added value to the whole product exceeded my expectations. She was always patient and one email away, sometimes on her PTO! Her attention to detail is uncanny, and the way she manages to make your transferable skills sound fit for a job are impressive. She delivered the work in a timely manner. I first reached out to Rita based on people’s feedback, I now understand their testimonials!

N.F. – Software Developer Lebanon

Working with Rita made me answer questions I had buried deep thinking I could never answer. It helped me find the courage and confidence I needed in order to succeed, which I did, in a very short amount of time because of our continuous improvement and practice. It opened up my eyes to endless opportunities, and it transformed me into a whole different person. A bolder, more self-assured person.

B.M. – Technical Services Director Canada

I am ecstatic about the results; I strongly recommend Rita Kamel’s professional resume writing services. Rita took me on a journey to update and revamp my resume and interview preparation “do’s & don’ts”. Her expertise, coupled with her collaborative and innovative spirit, made her the go-to expert in this area. From my first e-mail interaction with Rita, you can tell that her engagement is very professional, and the review process is both elaborate and well-structured. She made me go over my experience from the start and extract my achievements, which reflect and align with the new target position.

J.A. – General Manager UAE

Having been in full-time employment since leaving University and deciding to take some time out from work, I realized my old CV would require serious updating before making the return to work life. After making several enquiries Rita came highly recommended by an acquaintance to assist me with updating my CV. Rita has proven herself to be an extremely experienced professional and responsive person with great attention to detail. Her proactive and honest, yet friendly approach has made it a pleasure working to update my CV and LinkedIn profile. I now feel much more confident: my redesigned CV is tailored toward gaining a suitable position in a competitive industry.

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Image of Rita Kamel delivering an in-person workshop.
Image of Rita Kamel on a TV set.



J.W. - Qatar

Account Manager
I approached Rita during an interview process at one of the tier 1 global technology vendors. Based on her extensive experience in HR, Rita unveiled to me the tricks and methods I should adopt to stand out among hundreds of other applicants.

She guided me through a set of actions in a very scientific manner, fine-tuned my strategies and not only made them unique, but uniquely relevant. Not to mention the grade of encouragement she had conveyed to deliver my presentation and get selected for the role.

I would highly recommend Rita for any type of guidance, consultation and career advice.

F.T. - Lebanon

NGO Project Coordinator
Rita opened my eyes to what I was doing wrong in my pursuit to find a new job. She showed me in a short time and efficient way how to make my experience more appealing to recruiters. She showed me another perspective to finding a job and made me realize why I didn't stay for a long time with previous organizations I worked for. Rita helped me put things into perspective and taught me that I should appreciate my achievements and champion them in order to land the right job for me while having what I want for a job as a priority.

M.R. - Cyprus

Senior Project Manager
Choosing to work with Rita was a great decision. As someone looking to change careers, she helped me put on paper how my experience and skills are relevant to my target industry. Rita's methodological approach also allowed me to take an outside look at my career so far in a new light and reminded me of achievements I have forgotten about. Throughout the process, Rita was always responsive, attentive, and always had useful advice and feedback.

A.F. - Canada

Chief Operating Officer
Your advice helped significantly improve my interview performance and the relevance of my answers. Thank you so much for your help.

R.G. - Lebanon

Marketing Manager
I love how confident I feel after talking to you and how my story about myself gets uplifted as if I'm Chanel or Dior!

R.M. - Lebanon

Thank you Rita so much. I enjoyed our conversation, it made me look at everything in a different perspective. You were able to make me realize how to change my outlook when it comes to jobs. I felt so confused for a while until we spoke, you helped clear the fog. Your guidance was much needed.

A.K. - Lebanon

Sales Manager
Rita has helped me in more ways than one and I found just one session with her very enlightening. She helped me realize many things I was not aware of and gave me several tips on how to tackle and improve the job search. I can only imagine how she can help when given more than one session, kudos to you Rita!

G.J. - Lebanon

Lead Accountant
Thanks to Rita’s feedback, I was able to figure out some important points behind the reasons my LinkedIn profile and CV aren’t getting noticed. Added to that, her words were much needed to reaffirm my confidence and boost my motivation. With her I am sure one will land the desired opportunity.

A.H. - KSA

Senior Regional Manager
As a Career Strategist, Rita's valuable insights and advice are a game changer when it comes to resume writing and job search. There's no one size that fits all and Rita guided me on how to think outside the box by showing my capabilities in the loudest way possible. It's worth to approach her!

M.H., PhD - UK

Senior Researcher & Consultant
The DossierPro package provided me with the necessary tools and questions to figure out my career path at a very critical phase. What made the experience rich and worthwhile was Rita's many talents, from her ability to research thoroughly before the meetings, show up well versed in your field, and finally her gift to connect and motivate. She was an eye opener, and has the gift of knocking down the many walls that surround us, our aspirations, and dreams.