Is it time to find a new job and move into a better position? Is it time to increase your income and improve your quality of life? Is it time to change colleagues, companies or even countries to gain a diversified experience? Yes! It’s time!

I’m Rita Kamel, founder of DossierPro, a career consultancy firm. I work with fun, bright, and highly competent professionals who seek the freedom to generate international career opportunities. Whether you’re too busy, don’t know where to start, or how the employment scene has changed, I’m here to help.

I am a Career Development Practitioner (CDP), a Certified Career Strategist, a Certified Employment Strategist, a Certified Résumé Strategist, a Certified Interview Strategist, and a Certified Work-Life Strategist. I am also a member of Career Professionals of Canada. Check it out!


I am also the proud recipient of the Career Professionals of Canada Awards of Excellence!


  • Outstanding Résumé – Internationally Educated Professional (IEP) – Winner
  • Outstanding Résumé – Career Change – Winner
  • Outstanding Employment Interview Strategist – Honourable Mention   


What can I do to help you? I can help you with career clarity, craft a professional dossier, give you all the recent tools that will make your job search faster, and prepare you to ace the interview so you can land the position you want and change your life.

I have been helping job seekers for more than 10 years after I realized that the information they had access to was seriously outdated. My personalized approach, consideration of your online presence, personal brand, and knowledge of the most modern techniques used in the employment arena will make all the difference.

In fact, my solutions effectively led many to land meaningful work around the world. I also deliver capacity strengthening / employability workshops and webinars to groups, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), and educational institutions to support learners with these important life skills.

Are you ready to get started?

Areas of Expertise


Do you feel lost in choices, unsure of next steps? Do you feel stuck? Have you left the workforce for a couple of years and would like to come back? Are you close to retirement and have mixed feelings? Wondering if entrepreneurship is for you? I’m here to listen and guide you through your transition. My career consulting sessions offer a safe space for coaching, self-exploration, option discovery, decision-making, personal branding, as well as support through future thinking  and mental health.

You will learn more about yourself in terms values, interests, strengths, personality, ambition, and get crystal clear on your project. Together, we will also look into industry trends, occupational research, work environments, and education to craft a strategic plan for your career development needs. As your career consultant, I will uncover your potential and prepare you for the future ahead! Select your program


Are you an experienced, senior professional or an executive who needs advanced résumé solutions? Are achievements difficult to articulate and need your documents written according to the most recent international standards? No one will be as excited as I am to hear your career story starting from school. I will write your résumé with the supporting documents that best represent you.

A good résumé doesn’t follow a template. It’s unique to you and your value proposition. It must be adapted to specific country standards and the job you are targeting. It needs to have the right keywords in addition to a professional layout and design that makes it easy to parse when you apply online through Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). This also includes documents such as a Cover Letter and a LinkedIn profile makeover to make sure you have a complete portfolio. And that’s where I step in as a résumé writer! Select your program


You decided to look for a new position. Well done! But what’s the most efficient way to start? Today, employers expect all job seekers to express their interest in a personal way since you are competing with thousands of candidates for the same vacancy. Searching for employment and performing social networking are skills you can learn. My strategies will allow you to know which paths to engage in.

Job search while being employed or unemployed in the new current economy is not easy and stressful. While there is a lot of information online, it is always better to have a plan that fits your lifestyle and addresses the challenges you might face. My aim is to speed your search and help you land a job as fast as possible while considering the particularities of the country you are targeting. I will help you focus your efforts efficiently, empower you to make informed decisions, and pinpoint your next move! Select your program


The employer invited you to an interview. Great! Now what? Preparing for a job interview and overcoming anxiety can be challenging. There is a big difference between what you think you will say and what you actually say. I will help you craft a strategic plan to get positive results at every step of the process. As a senior recruiter who screens and invites shortlisted candidates for rounds of interviews, I will reveal to you what to expect and how to express your value.

Learn how to present yourself professionally and discover the best practices before, during, and after the interview. Together, we will unlock an understanding of your value proposition and your target so you can make a positive impact from the first time. We will build the conversational skills necessary to differentiate yourself from other candidates and answer all kind of questions. I will guide you through the different types of interviews and prepare you to nail them! Select your program

About Me

My name is Rita Kamel and my mission is to empower professionals with actionable tools to make their international career move.

With more than 15 years of experience in recruitment, headhunting, and human resources at local, regional, and multinational companies active in diverse industries as well as a Master’s degree in Marketing, I have practical insider insight. I have worked as a resume writer, career and employment consultant, job search strategy advisor, interview coach, HR practitioner, and a recruiter.

I am passionate about the world of employment and love to ask questions. I also enjoy inspiring others to take action and achieve their career goals. Let’s work together!

Premium Consulting Programs for International Professionals

Dossier ProJECT
Career Consulting

10 Modules + 6×60 min Sessions + FREE Career Documents Audit

Think Your Past And Your Present

Draw Your Vision

Define Your Guiding Principles

Develop The Right Mindset

Zoom In On Your Interests

Own Your Superpowers

Set Your Boundaries

Build Your Resilience

Employee vs Entrepreneur

Find Your Ikigai

Dossier ProFILE
Targeted Résumé + Cover Letter + LinkedIn Development

1×60 min Session: Retargeting + Job Search Strategy

Written in English or French

ATS Friendly

Keyword Rich

Custom Design

Reference Page

Country Adaptation

International Standards

Editable MS Word Format

Complete LinkedIn Makeover

Portfolio Development Guidance

Dossier ProSPER
Job Search Strategy

10 Modules + 6×60 min Sessions + FREE Career Documents Audit

Assess Your Starting Point

Determine Your Ideal

Define Your Guiding Principles

Craft Your Elevator Pitch

Create Your Job Search Plan

Network Like A Pro

Manage Uncertainty

Give Yourself Grace

Understand Your Value

Track Everything

Dossier ProMOTE
Interview Preparation

10 Modules + 2×60 min Sessions + FREE Career Documents Audit

Kick Off the Preparation

Research Before The Interview

Mock Interview Session 1

Impress With Career Stories

Nail The Interview

Mock Interview Session 2

Get Though Grief

Build Your Resilience

Mock Interview Session 3

Move Towards A Job Offer

  • Dossier ProMOTE Laser: $635 for 2×90 minutes live role-play sessions only
  • Oral Reviews: Résumé / Cover Letter / LinkedIn / Recorded Interview / Additional Support Sessions : $200/session of 60 minutes


  • 2 Full Programs: $2,410
  • 3 Full Programs: $3,480
  • 4 Full Programs: $4,440


  • Dossier ProFILE + Dossier ProSPER + Dossier ProMOTE Laser: $3,045
  • Dossier ProJECT + Dossier ProFILE + Dossier ProSPER + Dossier ProMOTE Laser: $4,060

* Prices are in USD. Taxes and transfer fees apply.

A modern blended learning style is used for delivery. You will learn the skills you need before making your move with a clear vision, a practical strategy, and a new mindset. Any additional support can be provided through separate sessions.

Due to high volume of requests for writing services, turnaround time is around four weeks following upfront payment in full and reception of necessary information. You are always responsible for making sure all information are correct on your documents before submitting them.

Prices are in line with other professionals around the world who are holding similar credentials, awards, experience, and results.

Job seekers are responsible for their job search. No one can guarantee any particular results, as such outcomes are based on many subjective factors that are not within our control.


To ask your questions, add a French / English version of your documents, or propose a collaboration, please email me on or fill in the form below

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    R.M. - Lebanon

    Thank you Rita so much. I enjoyed our conversation, it made me look at everything in a different perspective. You were able to make me realize how to change my outlook when it comes to jobs. I felt so confused for a while until we spoke, you helped clear the fog. Your guidance was much needed.

    A.K. - Lebanon

    Sales Manager
    Rita has helped me in more ways than one and I found just one session with her very enlightening. She helped me realize many things I was not aware of and gave me several tips on how to tackle and improve the job search. I can only imagine how she can help when given more than one session, kudos to you Rita!

    G.J. - Lebanon

    Lead Accountant
    Thanks to Rita’s feedback, I was able to figure out some important points behind the reasons my LinkedIn profile and CV aren’t getting noticed. Added to that, her words were much needed to reaffirm my confidence and boost my motivation. With her I am sure one will land the desired opportunity.

    A.H. - KSA

    Senior Regional Manager
    As a Career Strategist, Rita's valuable insights and advice are a game changer when it comes to resume writing and job search. There's no one size that fits all and Rita guided me on how to think outside the box by showing my capabilities in the loudest way possible. It's worth to approach her!

    M.H., PhD - UK

    Senior Researcher & Consultant
    The DossierPro package provided me with the necessary tools and questions to figure out my career path at a very critical phase. What made the experience rich and worthwhile was Rita's many talents, from her ability to research thoroughly before the meetings, show up well versed in your field, and finally her gift to connect and motivate. She was an eye opener, and has the gift of knocking down the many walls that surround us, our aspirations, and dreams.

    G.A. - Lebanon

    Project Manager
    Professionalism and Care are what make DossierPro services outstanding. Dealing with Rita in person is another story: her realism, positive attitude and determination are contagious! I have learned a lot through the journey. Thank you Rita!

    R.A. - UK

    Today, a person I really care about accepted a job offer from an important reputable brand in the UK. A big part of this success was thanks to Rita being an ally on both professional and personal front. On a professional level, she transforms a person's mindset, even before upgrading documents like the CV. On a personal level, all her work emanates from empathy, as she understands the passion, the pain, and the needs of people. Instead of sending one off with some document templates, she walks the journey with you step by step. Thank you Rita for being an ally in one of the most challenging times.

    L.A. - Lebanon

    Senior Art Director
    Thanks for impressing people with my profile. Nailed it! Waiting for the contract. Thank you for everything, your professional expertise is what makes the difference for people to stand out from the crowd and competition. You made me realize many things I didn't know mattered.

    L.M. - Lebanon to Denmark

    Senior Software Developer
    Rita is an excellent resource when you find yourself in the market for a new opportunity and need your resume to reflect an accurate representation of your diverse skill set. She has been a great sounding board for me, giving me good career advice and negotiation tips. I'm so glad I reached out to Rita!

    R.I. - Lebanon

    Clinical Research Associate - Team Leader
    I was in need for some consultation/coaching in order to move into my next career's goal so Rita was the perfect help, Rita gave me some great tips on how to improve my résumé by re-shaping it based on specific goals, Also she assisted me on improving my LinkedIn profile. Rita is so dedicated, she follows up closely, very fast in her adjustments and delivers on time.