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So @Ramyand3others on Twitter set up a great personal website ramiatrouni.com and shared CV. With his permission taken, I created a thread with insights on what to do to move towards international standards.
-Looking for Full Stack Dev role in Canada
Disclaimer: We will be collaborating live on Twitter for educational purposes. Plz note that this is going to be a high level intervention to keep the thread manageable. Also note that each case is different. My usual process is extremely more detailed. You are under no obligation to use any info. provided. This based on my 10+ years of exp. as a Recruiter & Employment Consultant. There is nothing “right” or “wrong” and there is no intention to shame anyone.
For the Website:
First Section: Name & title
For the title make sure it speaks to the job you are looking for. I would add a tagline that gives a sense of the personal branding. This could be one line or 2-3 words like this: 2-3 words | 2-3 word | 2-3 words
About Me section: This here is too short & too brief. Since it’s a website, we have the space to expand a bit further. I’d love to see some more personality. Draw me into your world. For example you can answer questions like:
– what do you do?
– what problems do you solve?
– why do you do it? what does it mean to you?
– why do you like it?
– what makes you really good at what you do?
– what are you most known for?
– what’s your greatest professional achievement?
Because Ramy is in tech, the next part to showcase would be the tech skills. This is the Number 1 item recruiters scan. On the website he uses logos, many recruiters recognize them, but others don’t, to simplify, I suggest writing the name below the logo as well.
Moving forward with the Experience section: We have the title, the name of the company, the month/Year dates – So far so good. As a Recruiter from another country I will help to understand WHO these companies are, WHAT do they do & at which stage they’re in.
Why? because it’s in tech and it helps understanding the environment you worked in. startups are not like mature companies, this affects load, structure, communication, problem solving, access to resources & everything in between.
So now the parts that have completely changed: Role + Achievements instead of tasks from the job description. Ramy is using the traditional style which almost everyone still uses. So how we change that? The employer is hiring for a Full Stack; they know the tasks. Use common sense and the JDs a guide to pick and choose what you want to put upfront. Always think strategy.
The soft skills are weaved, some in role some in the achievements where fit. Now the JUICIEST part: The Achievements. This is where you will look at the JD line by line and see what they are looking for then ask yourself: When & how did I demonstrate this?
You can also answer questions like:
-Did you facilitate introduction of systems, software, or technologies? For what applications? What were the results?
-Have you developed and/or led the team that developed any new products, systems, software or technologies that you either used internally or marketed to your clients?
– Any involvement in technology commercialization or technology transfer? What technologies? Between whom or which organizations? Any financial numbers associated? Any quantifiable achievements?
– What is the largest project you’ve ever been involved in? Did you have supervisory or leadership responsibility? What was the dollar value of the project (either internal investment or external sales)?
Not all these questions may be applicable to Ramy’s case but it’s the way of thinking when you are looking for achievements. How to write them? Start with an action verb in the past tense, what was the result, what was the action and what what the situation/challenge. (Reverse S/CAR technique)
Then for the Certifications: Add the year you got them and institution you got them from. I recommend only listing the ones that make sense to the job. Also beware if some are very old or expired, they may no longer be relevant.
Finally the education, add the year of graduation. That’s it for the Website!
Big NB: Since the application is for Canada, I highly recommend adding “Fluent in English, French, and Arabic.” in the intro + “Available for relocation” / Also note that in terms of titles, when Canadians specifically look for someone both fluent in English AND French, they will use the term “Bilingual”.
NOW FOR THE CV: Note that in Canada it’s called a Resume. So for Ramy it will look something like this to conform to the Canadian style. The paper is “Letter” size. Turn spellcheck into Canadian English.
I personally tend to avoid B&W in terms of design. So I add some color which could look like the images added.
I’ve written so many resumes, no two look the same, each has it own personal branding and strategy.
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