10 Quick Résumé Tips

When was the last time you checked and updated your résumé?

Updating your résumé regularly is important to ensure that you are ready for your next opportunity.

Here are 10 quick résumé tips:

1. Don’t start with anything else but your name, whatever designation you have can be mentioned later in the summary and / or in the Education section.

2. Remove the photo – only keep it for Germany, France and Belgium (They are now moving away from this practice for discrimination issues). Replace detailed address with Area, Country you live in. If you are looking to relocate to a different country add “Available for relocation” or “ Willing to relocate” and if you know that you are relocating anyways with or without a job add “Relocating to ….”

3. Remove anything related to references – they should be on a separate sheet.

4. Use colors and graphics in line with your personal branding.

5. Make sure the headline and summary highlight your unique value proposition.

6. Write the experience part in a way to target your desired job. Add scope, challenges, and reverse CAR (Challenge / Action / Results) achievements.

7. Mention your skills and make sure that you have the right keywords throughout your résumé matching by at least 70% with the job you are seeking.

8. Position the education section appropriately. For fresh graduates it is different than experienced professionals. Fresh graduates will usually have it in the upper 1/3 of the resume whereas experienced professionals will have it in the lower 1/3. But it depending on your case you might need to have in the upper 1/3 for strategic reasons.

9. Make sure the document is easy to read, has enough white space, and is Applicant Tracking System (ATS) friendly. Avoid the two-column résumé.

10. Be aware that formats, standards, and English spelling are different from one location to another. USA /Canada/UK/Australia. The Middle East uses the US standard with the UK format but you can target further by double checking which English is used by the company on their website.

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